Punch Drunk Fem 10 Pack

Introducing Punch Drunk, the culmination of years of passion and expertise. Crafted from two exceptional phenotypes, this strain was meticulously developed for personal enjoyment before its unveiling to the world. After rigorous testing over two years, Punch Drunk emerged as a pinnacle of excellence, boasting large, frosty plants with a symphony of aromas. Some exude robust gassed-up grapes, while others offer a delightful blend of grape and bubblegum terpenes, ensuring a profoundly terpene-rich experience. The Purple Punch phenotype, renowned for its exceptional qualities, contributes dense, frosty nugs tinged with purple and a potent fruity pebbles aroma and taste. Despite its inviting fragrance, this 80% Indica powerhouse, born from Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purps, delivers a punch that's not to be underestimated. Complementing this gem is the Jungle Grapes phenotype, discovered amidst a treasure trove of genetics from Jungle Boys. Characterized by its stunning bud structure drenched in trichomes and adorned with hues of purple, this high-yielding plant produces golf ball-sized nugs bursting with an irresistible grape and gasoline aroma. Join us in experiencing the extraordinary with Punch Drunk.
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  • Brand: Hazy Hills Genetix