Blueberry Kush Fem 5 Pack

DJ Short's Blueberry F5 x Master Kush
Blueberry Kush (DJ Short's Blueberry F5 x Master Kush) by Artisans Of Dank is a large yielder that produces dense buds with red and purple hues. A ‘stretch’ indica, medium-tall, with long side branches that develop heavy, sticky, frosty buds sporting a fragrant Mixed Berry aroma. The effects of the blueberry kush leave you feeling relaxed and stress- free. Testing out at 28% to 30% THC with an overall terpene profile of 2.15% The blueberry kush is a great pain killer, stress reliever with anti-anxiety properties that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to socialize...Flowering time is 60 to 65 days
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  • Brand: Artisans Of Dank