Breakfast Smoke Box Set

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast!
4 great ways to start your day...or night. Each cereal box contains 4 packs of fem beans, 5 beans in each pack. Only thirty box sets available!

Frosty Flakez
Frosted Flakes x Cereal Milk

Apple Jacked
Apple Zeus(GreenWolf Genetics)-(Pineapple Dragon x God Bud) x Cereal Milk

Chocolate Nugs
Chocolate Marshmallow(Exotic Genetics)-(GG4 x Mint Chocolate Chip) x Cereal Milk

Fruits & Terps
Clout Fruit(PSGx)-(Jucy Fruit x Fruit Pebbles OG x Grape Pie) x Cereal Milk

Don't forget to click the links provided for PSGx, GreenWolf, Exotic Genetics to check out the gear from these amazing breeders.

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  • Brand: Brain Dead Beans